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Soulportrait™ will take you on a photographic journey of self-discovery

Soulportrait™ is about coming back to the truth about yourself. It’s about falling in love with ALL aspects of you! Quite often, along the path of life, we start to loose connection to our authentic self. In order to protect ourselves from getting hurt again, we learn to hide our true individuality. The Soulportrait™ journey is designed to unveil your true essence and reconnect you with your eternal and divine self!

Hi, I’m Leonie

Hi, I’m Leonie

I have two passions in life: people and photography. In my healing practice, I help people to create change and growth in their life. I don’t use conventional academic methods but rather take a spiritual approach to emotional health. I am a trained energy healer and thus over an 11 year career developed my ability to see or sense of the soul or spirit of the human. This means that quite often, I can see someone’s Higher Self, and more specifically, parts of their true original prehuman form. My photographic purpose is to help clients see that essence by capturing their uniqueness on film. Join me on YOUR JOURNEY of self discovery and self love! I would love to get to know you!

For many years while practicing as a spiritual healer and guide, I would tell my clients: “I wish I could show you how beautiful you are.” I was always somewhat frustrated that I couldn’t give them a peep through my eyes! Soon it dawned on me that I did in fact have the tools, the talent and capability to capture someone’s spiritual essence through my photographic art!

I decided to contact my first model and we scheduled our reading session (to read her aura). After a couple of weeks of planning we were ready. What was to follow, I could never have guessed in my wildest dreams. She awoke to aspects or parts of herself that she definitely didn’t know existed, and THAT is the kind of self knowledge money cannot buy!

We were both so excited! We felt like we truly created something truthful and unique of her character. And luckily we had a videographic capture of the journey too show her transformation.
Many years later I can clearly see that these pictures accurately capture who she is. I knew that I had found the ultimate combination of an experience, a unique product and something that had meaning – not only to the subject, but to me it aligned one hundred percent with my purpose in life. It merged all my talents (I’ll admit, more like my “obsessions”) and my love of serving people into one experience. What’s not to love about that! Plus I get to connect with YOU on a much deeper level!!

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Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Like many people of the younger generation, I am able to see or sense, what lies beyond the physical. This means that I can see your Higher Self, and more specifically, parts of your true original pre-human form. That which you were before you were born. The true beauty and potential with which you came to this world. This often includes your gifts, talents and some divine contracts. My photographic purpose is to help you see that essence by capturing your uniqueness on film. Join me on YOUR JOURNEY of self discovery and self love!

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Soulportraits are about so much more than pretty pictures

It is a sentient self-portrait! It is about YOUR spiritual awakening to yourself! It is a discovery of your totally unique essence! Have you ever wondered what your spirit self looks like? The REAL YOU that exists beyond this physical? Your Spirit is the unique part of you that no one else possesses! This photographic journey inward, is a customised experience which I tailor make for you! The best part is that it will keep giving for years and years as you peel back the untrue layers of yourself on your journey of evolution through life!

Time to lift the veil between worlds!